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Marcella Barz

Emerging Artist Recipient



Curious ears led Marcella Barz from Kamloops to Dublin to pursue contemporary bass clarinet performance. She is currently a doctoral student exploring the production of electronic sounds and visuals using sensors. Marcella collaborates with irish composers on a regular basis to produce international performances and gives workshops for composers interested in composing for the clarinet(s). She currently teaches clarinet and and chamber music at Maynooth University and her trio, The Zypher Clarinet Trio, is an Apprentice Ensemble at the Galway Music Residency for 2019/20. Previously, Marcella graduated with a Master of Music in clarinet performance from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Lee's Music

Corporate Champion


(Bonnie McLean accepting on Lee's behalf)

Lee's Music if very "Pro Arts." Lee's donates around $150,000 per year in goods, services and cash to events and organizations in and around Kamloops. One of their proudest achievements is Music in the Park. WIth 76 shows over 62 days, this program supports many local bands, touring artists and is a great event overall. With over 20 years working the event, Lee's has seen it grow from low budgets and few people to the Canadian renowned event that it has become. Whether its guitars, sound systems, or just stage set designs, Lee's has won many awards and received multiple patents all in the arts field.

Michael Powell

Enduring Supporter



Cellist Michael Powell was born in Jamaica in 1939 and moved to Canada in 1967. The youngest of non-identical twins, he received early music tutelage from his piano teacher mother and "singing Welshman" father. Upon moving to Kamloops in the 1970s he had the distinction of being a founding member of the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra in 1976, the Thompson Valley Orchestra in 1997, and the Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra in 2012.

All Recipients

2019 - Kamloops This Week, Corporate Champion; Niki Remesz, Community Impact; JP Lancaster & Robin Hodgson, Emerging Artist

2018 - RBC, Business in the Arts; Andrew G Cooper, Emerging Artist; Donald Lawrence, Artist of the Year: Visual Arts

2017 - NL Broadcasting Ltd, Business in the Arts; Madison Olds, Emerging Artist; Cvetozar Vutev, Artist of the Year: Performing Arts

2016 – Accent Inns, Business in the Arts; Kelsey Gilker, Emerging Artist; Craft & Design, Amanda Eccleston and Vaughn Warren

2015 – Noran Printing, Business in the Arts; Lea Bucknell, Emerging Artist; Richard Wagamese, Literary Arts

2014 – Watson Engineering, Business in the Arts; Sheanna James, Emerging Artist; Adam Mckay-Smith, Film & New Media

2013 – New Gold, Business in the Arts & Tomas Bijok, Emerging Artist

2012 – Alan Corbishley, Artistic Innovation

2011 – Henry Small, Leadership in the Arts

2009 – Rhona Arms, Arts Education

2008 – British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Corporate Leadership

2007 – Kirsten McDougall, Volunteer Leadership

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