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Who can submit a nomination?

Any person residing/once residing in the TNRD may nominate an individual artist or arts organization for the award.  

However you may not submit a nominee if you are:

  • A member of your nominee’s immediate family (spouse or equivalent, son or daughter, parent, sibling or member of the immediate household)

  • Employed by or work for your nominee

  • A member of your nominee’s board

The Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops Symphony and Western Canada Theatre as organizations and their respective full-time or part-time staff members are not eligible to be nominated, or to receive a Mayor’s Award for the Arts for their work at the respective company. Self Nominations will not be accepted.

Can I resubmit my nomination from last year?

You are encouraged to re-nominate your nominee from the previous year, but you must complete a new nomination form and resubmit the required documents and support materials each time. Past Mayor’s Gala Award recipients cannot be nominated again in the same category they have won.


What happens to my nomination after I submit it?

All complete nominations will be sent to the Mayor's Awards for the Arts adjudication committee for review and selection of the award recipient.  A member of the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts committee will send an email confirmation that your package was received by the submission deadline. An awards ceremony will take place in November with all nominees to announce the annual winner in each of the three categories.


How is the award recipient selected?

An arms-length committee will review all complete nomination forms and select the award recipient based on assessment criteria. This ensures that each nominee is adjudicated fairly using the same standards.

Award recipient

The award recipient will be contacted to confirm his/her acceptance. The award recipient is required to participate fully in all activities for the presentation of the award, including media conferences, ceremonies and receptions, and make himself/herself available to the media for interviews. The recipient must allow photographs and public information about himself/herself to be used in promoting the award. The recipient may be asked, at their option, to make available further information for publicity and acknowledgment purposes. The award recipient will be recognized at the Mayor's Gala for the Arts and asked to make a short speech acknowledging the award.

When is the Nominee Reception?

The Nominee reception honouring all Mayor's Awards for the Arts nominees will take place at the end of November at The Kamloops Art Gallery. More details will be announced closer to this date.

When is the Mayor's Gala for the Arts?

The Mayor's Gala for the Arts takes place in January of each year. See the date, time, and location of the gala here.



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