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Incorporated in 1978 the Kamloops Art Gallery serves residents and visitors to Kamloops and the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) as well as national and international audiences. It enjoys a national reputation for its touring exhibitions and publications, and has developed relationships with national and international artists, curators, critics and scholars. The Kamloops Art Gallery's collection consists of over 3,000 works that primarily reflect the Gallery's exhibition history.


The Kamloops Art Gallery(KAG) is the principal gallery in the Southern Interior of British Columbia supporting contemporary and historical visual arts and practices on a local, national and international level. The Kamloops Art Gallery acknowledges art to be an essential part of the human experience in nurturing a healthy society. As a leading cultural insitution, the KAG is an integral part of the fabric that draws intellectual, social and economic opportunities to our province and to our region.


The Kamloops Art Gallery fosters enjoyment of and interest in the visual arts by researching, developing and producing exhibitions, publications, and programs that engage, challenge, and inform its various audiences. The Gallery also oversees the development and preservation of a permanent collection that includes regional, national and international art in all media. It also strives to create rewarding opportunities for visual arts professionals and the public.

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